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Offley Endowed Primary are always looking at ways to provide more exciting curriculum and extra curricular things for the children to do.  With shrinking Government support and budgets, we rely more and more on the generosity of our parents and the local community to help with projects around the school.  The Offley School Association do an amazing job of helping to raise funds and we were indebted to their support in obtaining the fantastic playground equipment in 2017.

We are currently trying to raise funds for a school minibus and also to improve our outdoor area for our younger children.  Any help in any fundraising matters is always greatly appreciated.


We have now raised enough money to buy our very own minibus.  The OSA (Offley School Association) have raised £4,000 to donate to the school with the school contributing the rest, using some of our Sports Premium money.  We have to also pay for the tax, insurance, sign writing and for teachers to pass the Herts Minibus test, before we are safe to take the children out.  The Crowdfunding appeal organised by Offley School Association (especially Corey) has been a fantastic success raising over £1000 in just over two weeks.   


Many thanks for everybody in helping the school fund this project and for some very generous individual donations.  The ‘Burns supper’ in the village hall was a great community event and we were very grateful for their kind donation towards the minibus appeal. We have also received donations from local grants,  parents, the School Disco and some MUFTI days.


If you would like to help out with any fundraising events; please talk to the OSA or me.


Many many thanks for your continued support. 


Mr Edwards

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This is the school Mini-Bus that the school has agreed to buy.  We have the funds; we've found the bus, but "Where is it?" I hear you cry.  There's one small snag ... the school that we are buying the bus from have to find a replacement. They have found a newer bus for their school but the lead time is 16 weeks for delivery.  I think the bus is worth waiting for as it has been very well looked after, has low mileage and is in excellent condition.  I would rather buy from a trusted source than purchasing an old bus that we know nothing about.  I will keep you posted about possible dates of acquiring the bus, but I would imagine that it will be towards the end of the Summer Term.