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Late/Absence Procedures


The school bell rings at 8.45am.



Registers are called at 8.50 am and also filled in during afternoon session. Registers close at 8.55 am.

Registers are marked in accordance with statutory guidance.



Any pupil arriving late should report to the office. Their parents/carer will be asked to sign the late book.



Notification must be provided for all absences from school for whatever reason. Parents/Carers must telephone the school office by 9am if a pupil is unwell.

Absences are only authorised by the Headteacher in exceptional circumstances.


Leaving and returning to School during School Day

When pupils leave or return to school during the school day, the School office must be notified.

If a pupil has to leave the school, the absence book (signing out book) in the school office should be signed by the parent collecting the pupil. The pupil should also be signed in on their return if this is in the same school day.