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School’s Vision and Mission Statement


'With God all things are possible' (Matthew 19:26)

At Offley Endowed Primary School and Nursery we strive to provide a healthy, safe, caring and challenging learning environment where everyone is valued and each member of our school is able to 'Be All You Can Be.'


Holding centrally our belief that with God all things are possible, we:

  • Work in partnership with children, parents, carers and the wider community.
  • Engage all children in their learning, following our Christian values and help them to prepare for their future.
  • Achieve high standards of discipline, based in the Christian value of love, forgiveness and reconciliation, which are firm but fair.
  • Promote our children’s understanding of their own and other spiritual, moral and social development.
  • Enable the children to develop and live by a set of Christian values helping them to become good citizens in a multicultural society.
  • Create and maintain a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment in an atmosphere of care, trust and mutual respect.
  • Deliver an inclusive curriculum that offers rich, varied and challenging opportunities encouraging an enquiring mind, creativity and academic achievement.

These principals are underpinned by our distinctive Christian character and values especially:

Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship, Respect, Thankfulness, Trust, Perseverance, Justice, Service and Truthfulness.

These values are explored in more detail with the children during lessons and collective worship on a programme of one per half term.