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Leavers Assembly in the church

Wymondley Woods - Year 1

KS1 Christmas Nativity

Christmas Lunch December 2018

Lovely adventures await!

Mia's 'Woodland Explorers' conker and mini-beast find!

Fresh newly painted school.

Our School Rules

We’ll miss Year 6-class of 2018. Good luck all of you!

Year 6 Leavers Party

Meeting Buster

As part of becoming a healthier school, many children and parents turned up to meet Buster this morning at The Green Man. Buster is the mascot of the 'Active and Safer travel team'.  We have been working closely with Barbara Lane, our Road safety Officer, encouraging children, parents and staff, to walk a little further to school by parking at The Green Man.  Buster was happy to pose for photographs with the children and staff and do 'The Floss' with William and Samuel. Many thanks to Mrs Ottolangui for organising the event.
Sports day was a colourful event this year as we donned all the children in their new house t-shirts.  The weather had cooled and the children sat under gazebos excitedly awaiting the first event.  A combination of sprints, long distance races, egg and spoon and obstacle courses saw the children battle it out for points.  The vocal support was excellent and the highlight must have been the big team water race at the end.  In a closely fought contest, Spencer proved overall winners with a whopping 490 points.  Many thanks for the OSA serving drinks, Kelly for scoring, the teaching and support staff for organising and Mrs Dent and Mr Smylie for their tireless efforts.  Finally - many thanks and well done to Mrs Grieves for devising the format of the day and all her work in ensuring the event ran smoothly.

Gullivers Land

Hitchin Library - Summer Reading Challenge

Aimee and Sara popped into school's assembly today to tell the children about the 'Summer Reading Challenge'. This will be launched at Hitchin Library and runs from July 14th to September 8th.  There is no charge for a library card or the reading challenge. Children need a library card to enter and to complete the challenge, all they need to do is read 6 books from the library. There is a certificate, a medal, a wristband and an invite to a presentation evening for the winners. Please encourage your children to read over the summer.

World Cup Dance Workshop

What a brilliant day with Barry. I loved watching the World Cup dances in the playground with the parents cheering the children on. The World Cup came alive with the Australian, Nigerian, Egyptian, Brazilian and Russian dances performed excellently by the children. The videos are in the video resource centre. Thanks for supporting such a fabulous event! 

Scooter Training

Clean Air Day Assembly

NSPCC Assembly

Many thanks to The NSPCC for running two assemblies and workshops in school. The children have learned a lot and were excellent in participating throughout. 
All the children ran 10 laps of the new track to complete their mile. Many of them couldn’t stop and carried on for many more laps. Thank you so much for your efforts in sponsorship. £2000 has been raised for the school and this will all go on making the curriculum even more exciting for your children. Thank you! 
Many thanks to Histon Produce for coming to school today to share their tasty fruit with our children. Histon supply our lunch time food and Leanne was brilliant in her discussions of healthy food and running two workshops. The children loved peddling their way to a lovely smoothy on specially designed smoothy bikes. 

Police Visit

Don’t worry; the children haven’t mis-behaved!  Many thanks to Sergeant Deveney for visiting Offley this morning. The children enjoyed sitting in his police car and listening to the siren! 

We have a new track!

Annual Lilley Walk and Church Service

Pedestrian Skills and Distraction Training for Year 6 on Wednesday 14th March

World Book Day

What an amazing day we had. The Year 6 children helped Reception with the setting for the story. The story developed with characters added by Year 1. Year 2 started the story off and the Year 3, 4 and 5 children wrote the stories to a conclusion.  Finally, I was very proud of the Year 6 children for their drama performance in assembly acting out the whole story.  Samuel (Year 5) commented 'It was amazing to think the whole school have been involved in writing a story for the Year 6  children to perform'. Take a look at some of the costumes.  Everyone looked absolutely fantastic.  Well done to the Year 6 girls who raised over £100 by making slime, book tokens, cards and colouring outlines. The quality was superb!

Feeling Good / Feeling Safe week - February 2018
The children are having a Feeling Good / Feeling safe week.  They are learning to promote self esteem and empathy.  Some activities are in houses and some are with their buddies.  On Tuesday, Splats Entertainment ran circus workshops for all the year groups.  We welcomed the parents to assembly at the end of the day so that they could witness some of the skills learnt. Please see the gallery below. 

Circus Day for Feeling Good / Feeling Safe week.

Woodland Explorers After school club - February 2018

They call themselves the 'muddy monsters!'  If you don't like mud, this isn't a club for you.  Our young explorers just love after school on a Monday where we ask them to bring a change of clothes, preferably waterproof and something they don't mind getting dirty.  Off they trek, learning about road safety, wildlife, what animals eat, animal tracks, what's growing around us and many other sensory information. You can probably hear their giggles all over Offley.

The club currently has space, so if you don't mind your little one getting muddy; sign them up and see how much fun they can have whilst learning about the world around them.

Woodland Explorers


Road Safety Event - Reception & Year 1 - February 2018

January 2018 - With most of the school away at Young Voices, the rest of the children were making boats and testing their buoyancy using animals. It was lovely to see the children working alongside each other in their house groups.

Mindfulness Day - December 2017

November 2018 - Mountain Workshop Years 3 and 4