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Walk to School week

Walk to school week    5th-9th October 2020

 All pupils are encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school. If that’s not possible, please ‘park and stride’ by parking at least 5 minutes’ walk from the school and walking from there. The overflow car park of the Green Man pub is our designated park and stride car park, where parents and carers can leave their cars in order to reduce air pollution around the school.

Each class will have a poster and stickers to record how many children walked, used park and stride, cycled or scooted to school each day.

A leaflet is available for children to complete at home.  See the link below.

Thursday 8 October 2020 is international ‘Clean Air Day’.

Pupils will be learning about the importance of improving air quality, both for health reasons and for the environment. We will also be relaunching our competition to create a poster promoting clean air. Posters submitted earlier in the year will be included.


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